Hey, Steppers! It's Samantha Grecchi here!

The Next Step is now in developing in Season 3. I've read my script, I've learned what's going to happen to Season 3! Want me to tell you guys what happens to my character, Stephanie?

Then follow these rules:

1) As you can see, you are now here on Ringer Wiki. I contribute to this Wiki now. Contribute to this Wiki as well. You can make an account if you want. Promote this wiki on The Next Step wiki, edit pages here, create pages, learn about the show, comment on the articles, edit some (I just said that LOL), just please participate (I WILL BE HERE!

2) Contact the administrator: User: Scissor_Luv208, go on her Message Wall and spam her with so much messages, telling her how much you love the Next Step! Make your message in a paragraph - 10 sentences long! Make sure to compliment her hard work here! Go read her About Me and include what you think about her About Me in the message!

3) If you have a twitter account, then go report @Stunning_Jess for harrassment, spam, sexual roleplay and impersonation of Jessica Alba! I need more than 50 accounts to report that attention seeker! :(

4) The website for User: Scissor_Luv208 is here: Luv208

IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES, Scissor_Luv208 and I will ban you from this Wiki and I will not tell you.

- Samantha Grecchi.

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