Hi people! My name is HannahDlaine. [ again, this is a role play account so I am NOT HannahDlaine ] My real name is Samantha.

I wanna talk about Glee role play on Twitter. And I contribute to Ringer Wiki and Glee role play on Twitter.

I was once role playing with this Sebastian Smythe role player named @iam_smythe and we were friends in and out of RP [ RP means role play ]. And then, our RP storyline got into a huge fight and then Sebastian Smythe RPer stopped RPing with me. And then, I had no one to RP with. Wanna know why I was lonely?

Because there was this rude bitch named @ClaringtonJess and she stole @iam_smythe away from me and their RP was better than my RP with @iam_smythe. She was a Jessica Alba Glee RPer and she posts disgusting pictures of nude Jessica Alba pics. She was very rude to my friends, @_SantanaLaine and @MarykateDlaine. AND she ALWAYS SEEKS ATTENTION so....

I  R E P O R T E D  H E R  &  S H E  G O T  S U S P E N D E D .

I was soooo happy and I was RP with @iam_smythe with him again. Then, ClaringtonJess came back as @Stunning_Jess and she was RP with @iam_smythe again. But she hasn't tweeted in so long.

So I made this account that expresses my hate towards her. My account is @JessSmytheWhore - JUST TO MOCK HER. So I kept sending her death threats and so many mean stuff I could think and send those tweets to her. She honestly deserves it. Because she is rude and disgusting AND SHE SEEKS SO MUCH ATTENTION. My goal is to let her suffer the pain that I experienced and to get suspended from Twitter and to to trick everyone into thinking that she is bullying me on Twitter so that everyone can hate her and report her but I only got 5 people to report her on Twitter.

I ALWAYS get what I want ;)

Sincerely, Samantha

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