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Siobhan Martin
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Name Siobhan Martin
Status Alive
Hometown New York, NY
Profession Unknown
Portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar
Amanda Pace (child)
Other Info
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared I'm The Good Twin

Siobhan Martin (née Kelly) is the unfaithful wife of Andrew Martin and identical twin sister of Bridget Kelly. After Siobhan's apparent suicide, Bridget takes her identity to protect herself.She is portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

She was born on September 30th, 1979.


Siobhan and her twin sister, Bridget, were born on September 30, 1979, to unnamed parents. 6 years prior to the show and before Siobhan married Andrew, the sisters had a falling-out over an accident involving her son Sean. Siobhan later married Andrew, but began having a affair with Henry Butler, who is the husband of her best friend, Gemma .

Her known location is Paris, France. She also appears to be working with someone, who provides her with information about Bridget.

At the end of 'If You Ever Want a French Lesson', she finds out that she's pregnant.

In 'Oh Gawd, There’s Two Of Them?', it is revealed that the man who she's been on the phone with was Charlie Young.

In 'That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me', she came to New York and killed Charlie after he killed Gemma,who he had kidnapped.

In the episode Whores Don't Make That Much, we learn that 7 years ago before she met Andrew in New York, she was living in Oklahoma with ex-boyfriend/husband Dylan. We also learned that Siobhan had a son named Sean, who we also learned about in Pilot episode but we didn't know about who he was or why Siobhan had a picture of him in her room.



  • It is revealed that Siobhan is 25 weeks pregnant in the Pilot.
  • For the past three years, Siobhan has been on a vegetarian diet.
  • Siobhan's friends call her "Shiv".
  • She still keeps a picture of Henry in her drawer.
  • She is not super close to her step-daughter, Juliet.
  • She uses the alias Cora Farrell.
  • She speaks French.