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Sean Kelly
Ringer sean.jpg
Name Sean Kelly
Status Dead (killed by Car Accident)
Hometown Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Profession ---
Portrayed by ---
Other Info
First Appeared Pilot (picture)
Last Appeared Flashback

Sean Kelly was the young illegitimate son of Siobhan Kelly (Or Siobhan Martin) and Dylan Morrison. Dylan abandoned Siobhan when she became pregnant; years later, he tried to work his way back into Sean's life, but Siobhan wanted nothing more to do with Dylan. Siobhan's twin sister Bridget Kelly, who looked after Sean at their house while Siobhan was working, was more sympathetic, and allowed Dylan to take Sean (and herself) to a fair against Siobhan's stated wishes. On their way back, another car slammed into theirs because its driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Sean was killed and Bridget's arm was injured. Siobhan never forgave either Bridget or Dylan for their roles in Sean's accidental death.

Sean was first mentioned and pictured in the Pilot. His picture was seen again in Siobhan's Office in "It's Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved". The backstory involving Sean was revealed in "Whores Don't Make That Much".