This is a List of Music that appears in Ringer.

Music from Episode 7-13 will be added soon

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Song Title Album Artist Ep #
25 Or 6 to 4 Supermagique Pacifika 1.01
Cinema (ft. Gary Go) Electroman Benny Benassi 1.01
Go For Miles Rip Tide Music Tight White Jean 1.01
I Fall To Pieces Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits Patsy Cline 1.01
Kickface Oh, Hell Little Foot Long Foot 1.01
Lost In Dances Freedom Or Death Freedom or Death 1.01
MDV – Neverest Star Hey Champ 1.01
Purified Sinner or a Saint Tamar Kaprelian 1.01
Secret Chambers Ricochet Revision 1.01
We Won’t Run As Day Follows Night Sarah Blasko 1.01
You Sink Me Limb Justin Clayton 1.01
Boy Wait 4 This White Light Syndrome 1.02
Break Out Neil Ormandy Neil Ormandy 1.02
Come In From The Rain Come In From The Rain Sponge 1.02
Crystalfilm Ritual Union Little Dragon 1.02
Everything No Name Face Lifehouse 1.02
Feel The Love Fonzerelli ft. Digital Glitter 1.02
Hold On Wayward Fire The Chain Gang of 1974 1.02
Little Deschutes July Flame Laura Veirs 1.02
Submarine Ocean Floor Remix EP Hattie Murdoch Das Kapital 1.02
Televised Televise Calla 1.02
Who Are You Really Reds Mikky Ekko 1.02
You Showed Me Night Covers The Watson Twins 1.02
Cream Cadillac Goodnight Memory Beat Ventriloquists 1.03
Dragon Lady Street Light Suzie 1.03
Glory Box Dummy Portishead 1.03
Hell’s Angel L.A. Riot Thurz 1.03
Je bois monsieur Tout Attaché(e) LaFille 1.03
Le male appetit Tout Attaché(e) LaFille 1.03
Leanin' Outbreak The Great Niko Villamor 1.03
She's A River And So They Ran Faster Firehorse 1.03
Strikefoot Songs for the Ravens Sea of Bees 1.03
The Masters LLgl TnDR 1.03
Think I Love Her DJ Smiles 1.03
Video Games Video Games (EP) Lana Del Rey 1.03
Celle De Mes 20 Ans My Name Melanie Pain 1.04
Foul The Bell New Found Land 1.04
Ils Sont Marrants Les Gens Imbecile Olivier Libaus 1.04
Irreversible Time Ilaria 1.04
Let You Sleep Tonight Young Empires 1.04
Shoulda Known Better Luminous Samantha Farrell 1.04
Sunny Day Fission Film School 1.04
The Lighthouse Will Lead You OUt To The Death Of Fun Cashier No.9 1.04
Until We Bleed Kleerup Kleerup 1.04
Waves You Are The Night Deluka 1.04
Always Find Me Here Transit 1.05
Control Chemical Heroes Feat. T.Shirt 1.05
Fall In, Fall Out Distance - EP The Post War 1.05
The Ghosts Time for the Devil John & Jehn 1.05
I'm Still Hot Luciana 1.05
Liquidation Sale Teenage & Torture Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers 1.05
Party Dress Extras Beth Thornley 1.05
That Girl NSR 1.05
The Drug Ghostbird EP Ghostbird 1.05
Up & Away Theo Martins 1.05
Vultures Vultures - EP Jess Mills 1.05
God's Gonna Cut You Down Sonic Diary Costanza 1.06
Hypocrisy Digital Sons 1.06
It's Just Life Gio Taylor Feat. Julie Gribble 1.06
Midnight Ride N.E.P.H.E.W. 1.06
Scary Scary - Single Lindbergh Palace 1.06
Unless I'm Led Mountaintops Mates Of State 1.06
You Want My Love Rushmore Rushmore 1.06

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