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Mr. Carpenter
It Just Got Normal6.jpg
Name Mr. Carpenter
Status Alive
Hometown New York,NY
Profession Teacher
Portrayed by Jason Dohring
Other Info
First Appeared The Poor Kids Do It Everyday
Last Appeared P.S. You're An Idiot

Mr. Carpenter is a teacher at Juliet's high school. His father was in the army when he was younger, so he traveled around to a lot of different schools. His first appearance was The Poor Kids Do It Everyday. Juliet had a crush on him, she has tried many times to flirt with him, but he refuses (That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me). Juliet claimed Mr. Carpenter raped her in the same episode, and when Shivette heard this (It Just Got Normal), she slaps him at her party, telling him to get out of her house.

After the trial of Mr. Carpenter vs. Juliet and her father, Andrew Martin, is settled, it is revealed that the entire claim that Juliet and Tessa were raped by Mr. Carpenter was a scam to con Andrew out of some of his money (It's Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved).

Mr. Carpenter was then fired and stopped working as a teacher.

After they all get Andrew's money, Tessa bought a brand new car. Juliet was worried It could draw attention to them so she told Mr. Carpenter. Tessa was then attacked when she was at home and Juliet blamed Mr. Carpenter for the assault. Juliet started to panic and she wanted to tell her dad the truth. Her mom, Catherine, wanted to dissuade her to do so as she was the real brain behind the scam.

It was then revealed that Mr. Carpenter and Catherine were in a relationship. They tried to run away with all of the money. On their way out of New-York, they took a break in a motel. Catherine took the money and left Mr. Carpenter alone.

She also left a note to Mr. Carpenter saying he was an idiot. She also threaten him to publish a video of him with Tessa and Juliet celebrating the success of their scam.