Jimmy Kemper
Name Jimmy Kemper
Status No Status Listed
Hometown New York, NY
Profession FBI Agent
Portrayed by Darren Pettie
Other Info
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared I'm The Good Twin

Jimmy Kemper is a hired criminal posing as an FBI Agent who is working with Victor Machado. He was sent to watch after in Pilot he was sent to look after Bridget Kelly, before she supposedly hit him, took his gun, and escaped. However; it turns out that he was hired by Siobhan and Charlie to to give the gun to Bridget and feign her escape as if she forcefully did it.He is portrayed by Darren Pettie.

In That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me it is revealed by Mary that Bodaway Macawi was in touch with somebody called the "Matador", which confuses Agent Machado. After Mary Curtis' death, Jimmy calls Agent Machado, saying that the Matador is inside a warehouse. After they arrive at the empty warehouse they start reminiscing about the time they worked together, when Machado starts relaying clues about how he worked out that Jimmy took down a criminal named "The Bull" and that the name for someone that takes down bulls is a matador. Jimmy pulls a gun on Machado, but Machado had two agents tailing him and Jimmy is arrested to be interrogated, starting with what he knows about Bridget's disappearance.

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