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It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It
Season One, Episode Four
Episode 4
Air date October 4, 2011
Written by Cathryn Humphris
Directed by Jean de Segonzac
US Viewers 1.49M
Title quote by Henry Butler
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If You Ever Want A French Lesson...
A Whole New Kind of Bitch

Bridget, still posing as Siobhan, and Andrew head to the Hamptons with Gemma and Henry to celebrate her birthday. Despite the close quarters, Henry is dead-set on rekindling his affair with Siobhan. Gemma learns some unsettling news, while FBI agent Victor Machado closes in on some new information, which forces Bridget to reveal some of her past in order to protect her secrets.


Bridget is entering the house with bags and turns around to see Andrew. She asks to go to the Chinese place around the corner, to which Andrew replies that Siobhan hates that place and calls her Bridget. He picks up a bag and says that they thought it was Siobhan’s. When he went through it, he found items that were not his wife’s, and a license that said Bridget Kelly. Bridget begins trying to say what happened when Andrew tells her to apologize to Siobhan, who is behind her dead and water logged.

Bridget wakes up and Andrew remarks that she hasn’t slept well in weeks, which can’t be good for the baby. She says that she should get out of the city and go to the Hamptons alone. Andrew tells her that it’s her birthday and Bridget says she lost track of time. He tells her that he’s sorry for what happened last year and that it won’t happen again. Andrew says they can hang out together and Bridget says she can take the jitney. There is a pause as Andrew smiles and laughs, asking if she has a new found appreciation of the subway as well. When he leaves for work, he tells her that he misses these things.

Bridget enters a building and removes her bag from a locker. Agent Machado is talking on the phone and hangs up, looking as Shivette removes Bridget’s bag from the locker. They deduce that ‘Siobhan’ knows where Bridget is and that they’ll find her.

Bridget goes back home, the duffle bag in tow and calls Malcolm, saying she hasn’t heard from him and she hopes he’s not mad. She tells him that she misses him and goes to put the bag in her closet. Andrew calls her and she quickly shoves it in.

Andrew and Bridget are at the beach where he gets a message on his phone. He says that it’s work and tells her that he will not do what he did last year when he left her at dinner. He says that they were in a bad place and he has no idea if she even wanted him around. He says that they will make this the best birthday ever.

Inside a house in the Hamptons, Andrew and Bridget are talking when they hear a noise. Andrew is prepared for burglars when they enter a room to see Gemma and Henry. Gemma says that a glass broke and Henry says that she threw it at him. They are here for the Siobhan birthday getaway like old times. Henry says that they should leave, but Gemma says that she was looking forward to a weekend with no kids. Siobhan asks them to stay.

Agent Machado is talking about the case to the Hampton police and he brings up the letter that Bridget sent Siobhan. He says that he needs to find hard evidence that proves that they have had real contact so he can get a search warrant. The police have been spying on Siobhan and Agent Machado sees that they are spending time together in a home for the weekend. He makes a comment about Siobhan being a brave woman to be in a home with her husband and her lover.

Bridget and Gemma are talking and Gemma says that she tries to believe that he’s not cheating, but that every bone in her body tells her otherwise. Bridget says that if Gemma loves him, she has to fight for him. Gemma tells Bridget that she’s an amazing friend, like a sister.

In the past, a young Bridget and Siobhan come across a necklace in the window. Bridget walks over to another window and finds two cheap necklaces. Siobhan says that they don’t have enough money for them and that they’re supposed to get parties and other presents on their birthday. She complains about being poor and says that when she’s older she’ll get everything she wants. Siobhan says that they can get one and share, but Bridget says she doesn’t want to share, because they won’t know whose turn it is. Siobhan says that they can switch it out every year and Bridget finds that cool, since they’ll do it forever.

Looking at hats, Gemma is approached by Agent Machado. He shows her a picture of Bridget, and Gemma assumes that he has some questions about Siobhan. Machado corrects her and says that he has questions about Bridget Kelly, Siobhan’s sister.

Gemma enters the Hampton house and Gemma asks why she was never told about Bridget and how she’s on the run from the police. Gemma says she didn’t tell the police anything because she didn’t know about her. Shivette says that Bridget ruined her life by making one bad choice after another and that she’s ashamed of what she did. Shivette says that just when she thought she had her back, she was gone and confesses that she never told Andrew because she met him after the fallout. Gemma says that Andrew won’t find out about Bridget from her.

Six Years Ago; Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Siobhan opens the door to Bridget on their birthday. Bridget is holding up a small red velvet cupcake, which she says is Siobhan’s favorite. When she enters, she notices that Siobhan is moving. Siobhan says she met someone and is moving to New York. Bridget says that Siobhan just can’t run away and Siobhan yells at her, telling her that she can’t tell her what she can and cannot do. She says that Andrew loves her and that she can start over. She picks up the necklace from when they were younger and tosses it on the ground, saying that she never wants it back. Bridget picks it up and leaves. Siobhan closes the door behind her.

Back in Paris, Siobhan pulls out a cigarette, preparing to smoke it before putting it away. Looking across the room she sees Tyler who goes to meet another date. Siobhan walks up to him, saying that she’s been trying to reach him. Tyler says that he’s been busy with work, but comes to talk to her because he’s not busy at that exact moment. Siobhan apologizes about last night and says that she likes him. Tyler is displeased that he was shoved out of her room and tells her that he needs to get back.

Siobhan gets a call and looks back at Tyler before saying into the phone that she hit a snag.

Back in the Hamptons, Bridget picks up the duffle bag from her room and goes downstairs. Henry is there and tells her that it reminds him of old times. He says that he’s been thinking about her all day and has been wondering when they would have this moment and when they were going to sneak off. He leans in to kiss her and Bridget stops him, telling him that it’s over. Henry is angry and says that he offered to leave, but she told him to stay. She says she told him to stay to celebrate her birthday. He tells her that this is their place and asks what’s wrong with her, trying to get her to remember how happy they used to be.

One year ago;East Hampton, New York.

Siobhan and Henry are together. They are laying on the couch and talking. Siobhan says that he had a business meeting and that he should have seen the look in Olivia’s eyes when he left her there in the restaurant all alone. She tells hi to hurry up and finish his book. She asks him to read his book. When he goes to get it, he notices that she has mail. Siobhan ays that she’s not picky and that she’ll take presents from anyone. When she opens the package, she sees a note that says:

“I miss you, Love B.”

Inside the package is the necklace from when they were younger. Henry says that it’s not exactly her style and she tells him that it’s from an old friend. That they used to pass it back and forth on their birthdays. He tells her that it sounds sweet as she stares at it longingly. She tells him that she wants him to read to her. She stares at the necklace as he reads City Burns.

Bridget says that she hasn’t forgotten, she’s ashamed and that he should be ashamed too. Henry tells her that she doesn’t give a crap about Gemma or Andrew. Bridget says that maybe she didn’t, but now she does. Bridget apologizes to him about breaking al of Henry’s plans. He says he doesn’t want sorry, he wants her and walks off.

Outside on the beach, Bridget removes all the items from her duffle and begins to burn everything inside it that traces her back to her true self, including the bag.

Back in Paris, Siobhan looks around at the bottom of the hotel. She is stopped by a hotel worker who says that he needs to speak with her in his office. Tyler is watching this all happen from the sidelines. The hotel guy tells her that they need to discuss payment and that he doesn’t want to cause a scene. Tyler comes up to Siobhan and asks if everything is ok. He says that she works for his company and allows her to walk off with Tyler.

Outside, Tyler asks what’s wrong with Siobhan and she says that she’s always dreamed to come to Paris, that her husband always promised to bring her but she left him and came on her own. She says she ran away and had a plan and money to live on. Her savings account was drained and that she can’t ask anyone for help because if she did, he would know she was here. Tyler asks if she thinks her husband stole her money, and she can’t really think about it and that she’s not ready to go back. She says the most pitiful part of it all is that today is her birthday. Tyler says it’s not acceptable and they’re going to go celebrate.

Agent Machado hears that there was a citation at the marina. Siobhan took her boat out and returned it to the wrong strip. The other police man says that no one saw Bridget or Siobhan at the marina. He then starts to place something he found from the coast guard.

Everyone in the Hampton home give a toast to Siobhan’s birthday and drink to celebrate the occasion—it’s sparkling cider. Andrew says that if Siobhan can’t drink, he hardly finds it fair that the rest of them do. Henry makes a comment about when is life fair. Siobhan is surprised about how many presents she’s gotten and says that she doesn’t deserve a personal chef. She says that she’s sure the food is great and delicious. She picks up some food on a toothpick and eats it. Everyone is surprised—as Siobhan hasn’t eaten meat in three years. Shivette says that she’s been craving it and today was as good a day as any. Andrew kisses her and says happy birthday with a smile.

Bridget has a miniature memory flashback, remembering the necklace her and her sister bought when they were younger. She pulls out a letter Siobhan sent her when she returned the necklace, saying that she hopes she’ll wear it when she comes to visit.

Bridget pulls out the necklace a little teary and puts it on, saying happy birthday to her sister. Henry walks in, unannounced and remarks that she’s wearing the necklace. Though, she hasn't Henry says that she was pretty upset about the necklace. Shivette says that it’s pretty hard thinking about her. Henry says she never told him the friend’s name but that she couldn’t stop staring at it. He asks if they’ve made up and Bridget begins to walk out.

Henry stops her before she leaves and tells Bridget that he had no right to talk to her that way, she agrees. He starts to tell her how he’s watched her and Andrew for years and that no one could ever guess that no one could ever tell that there was nothing there like him and Gemma. He says that when she was with him, she looked like he was the only person in the world that mattered. He says that tonight, with Andrew, she was looking at him that way. He tells her that he does love her and if walking away is what she wants, then he’ll do it. Bridget says it’s what she wants. He remarks that she’s pregnant and says that they both know that it’s theirs. She asks him to trust her, that they’ll have the patience to figure this out. Unknown to them, Gemma was listening in on the whole conversation by the door.

Bridget and Henry pass Gemma in the hallway as they all go out on the beach for her party. Andrew asks if he finally got a birthday right and Siobhan says that it’s stunning. The four of them sit and eat at the table while Gemma sits in silence, looking at Bridget and Henry. A cake is brought to the table and Bridget asks that they don’t sing. Henry puts his hand over Gemma’s and she pulls hers away, knocking some glasses over. She apologizes and gets up. Bridget asks if Henry said something to her and gets up to go talk to Gemma.

Back in Paris, Siobhan wakes up on a bed and Tyler brings in a tray with food. He tells her that he has to go to work and lights a croissant with a birthday candle inside for her birthday. He tells her that he ran into the manager and got him to let Cora Farrell to stay here indefinitely. Tyler asks where his tie is and she tells him to check the bathroom. Once he is out of the room, she pulls out his briefcase from under the bed and begins to search through it. She pulls out a file and slips it beneath the covers, putting the briefcase back where she found it. She holds out his coast and gives him a kiss goodbye as he leaves.

She pulls out the file and looks through it, calling the mysterious person on the other line. On the bottom of a paper in the accounting file, she finds Andrew Martin’s signature and says that the plan is back on and that it would be easier than she thought.

Bridget is looking for Gemma inside the home, finding a door open. She leaves her phone on a cupboard and looks through the door. Agent Machado is inside the house and she tells him to leave because it’s private property. He tells her that Bridget was at the Hamptons with her and pulls out a tape recorder with her voice on it, the distress call to the coast guard. She tells him that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She tells him that she was with her sister because she invited her. She said it was nice and that Bridget told her what happened, that they fought, she was afraid and made the call. She also said that she never wanted to see her again. He asks where she knew to find Bridget’s duffle bag, she says that she found the key to find out where she was. She says that she’s trying to keep Bridget safe. When he asks about why she pulled out all the money last week, she replies that there’s nothing against the law about taking out your own money. She tells him that he can search her house and apartments and follow her around for the rest of her life but he won’t find Bridget. She walks off.

Machado walks up and takes her phone from where she left it and looks through it to see that she’s called Malcolm.

Bridget finds Gemma packing and is smacked across the face. Gemma tells her it’s for sleeping with her husband and calls her a whore. Gemma is angry and Bridget tries to tell her that it’s not what she thinks. She tells her that it’s more complicated and Gemma says that she’s going to tell him. Bridget then admits to Gemma that she's Bridget.

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  • Henry says the episode title when speaking to Bridget , the second time, in private.
  • Gemma finds out about Bridget's existence, Siobhan and Henry's affair, and the fact that Bridget is pretending to be Siobhan. Althought Gemma doesn't believe Bridget's claim until A Whole New Kind of Bitch.
  • A recording of Bridget's desperate phone call to the Coast Guard from the Pilot is heard in a recording.
  • When in the restaurant, Siobhan is about to light a cigarette but stops when she remembers that she is pregnant, however, she would not have been allowed to smoke in the restaurant, as smoking was prohibited in public places in France beginning in 2008.