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Henry Butler
Name Henry Butler
Status Alive
Hometown New York
Profession Author
Portrayed by Kristoffer Polaha
Other Info
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared I'm The Good Twin

Henry Butler is Gemma's husband who had an affair with Siobhan. He and Gemma have 2 kids together, Dash and Becks. He is an author in the middle of writing a novel. His marriage is on the rocks, as Gemma suspects he is cheating on her with someone, though she doesn't know who. After learning that Siobhan is pregnant, he believes it is his child. Finally, after Shivette tells him its over, he accepts that and says "If that makes you happy, then its over". Of course, Gemma overhears this conversation and leaves Shivette's birthday party.

He is portrayed by Kristoffer Polaha.


  • He has seen the necklace that Bridget now has when Bridget sent it to Siobhan last year for their birthday.
  • It has been shown that he still loves and cares about his kids, even though he doesn't love Gemma.