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Dylan Morrison
Name Dylan Morrison
Status Alive
Hometown --
Profession --
Portrayed by Misha Collins
Other Info
First Appeared Whores Don't Make That Much
Last Appeared Whores Don't Make That Much

Dylan Morrison was once Siobhan Martin's boyfriend and the father of her son Sean. He abandoned Siobhan when she became pregnant; years later, he tried to work his way back into Sean's life, but Siobhan wanted nothing more to do with him. Siobhan's twin sister Bridget, who looked after Sean at their house while Siobhan was working, was more sympathetic, and allowed Dylan to take Sean (and herself) to a fair against Siobhan's stated wishes. On their way back, another car slammed into theirs because its driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Sean was killed and Bridget's arm was injured. Siobhan never forgave either Bridget or Dylan for their roles in Sean's accidental death. Dylan stayed away from the funeral. Sometime after the accident, a group of toughs, likely hired by Siobhan, assaulted Dylan and told him to get out of Tahoe.

Seven years later, Dylan lives in Jersey, is married, and has a young daughter. Siobhan has flowers sent to his mother's home annually. When Bridget (posing as Siobhan), visits Dylan's mother, Dylan is alarmed and confronts "Siobhan" in the Martins' apartment complex. Bridget later follows him to his house, sees his happy family, and is overcome with anger; she nearly throws a brick through his window, but is stopped by Malcolm Ward. After a heart-felt talk with Malcolm, Bridget decides to, posing as "Siobhan", tell Dylan that she forgives him.

He is portrayed by Misha Collins.