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MattyKardashian MattyKardashian 8 February 2016

Updated Wikia

I was just wondering if there was a way we could add more infomation to this wikia, it seems pretty dead, and unlike other wikias i've worked on it doesn't seem to have much. 

Lke could we add

  • Alias
  • Siblings
  • Spouces
  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends
  • Family

All them sorts of things? I think this wikia needs a clean up.

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HannahDlaine1 HannahDlaine1 18 August 2013

This User On Twitter Needs To Get Suspended

Hi people! My name is HannahDlaine. [ again, this is a role play account so I am NOT HannahDlaine ] My real name is Samantha.

I wanna talk about Glee role play on Twitter. And I contribute to Ringer Wiki and Glee role play on Twitter.

I was once role playing with this Sebastian Smythe role player named @iam_smythe and we were friends in and out of RP [ RP means role play ]. And then, our RP storyline got into a huge fight and then Sebastian Smythe RPer stopped RPing with me. And then, I had no one to RP with. Wanna know why I was lonely?

Because there was this rude bitch named @ClaringtonJess and she stole @iam_smythe away from me and their RP was better than my RP with @iam_smythe. She was a Jessica Alba Glee RPer and she posts disgusting pi…

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Minithepeanut Minithepeanut 21 July 2012


So, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Mini. I was an admin here, and I loved the show when it was on, but now, I'm resigning, for a few reasons. First of all, I'm an admin on a bunch of other wikis, and I just don't have time here, and secondly, because Ringer is finished, so there's not going to be as much traffic here, and therefore, no need for an extra admin.

So - I guess this is goodbye. See ya.

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Scissor Luv208 Scissor Luv208 6 July 2012

My reaction when it got canceled--

I felt sad when Ringer got canceled.CW sucks >:(

First off,i felt happy when it aired--

but then i felt angry when it got canceled and my face went like:

then i lost it and i went all lima heights on CW (going all lima heights is attacking and yelling in spanish--santana form glee did that)

but my friends held me back.

but then i need a moment--

then i go all lima heights on them again:


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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 14 May 2012

Continue the Story!!!

Since Ringer has been canceled. I will allow fan fiction on the page. Just put it under the category Fan Fiction. Because with it being canceled its up to you the fans to continue the story.

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 14 May 2012

Ringer Canceled


Seems like the CW canceled Ringer and Secret Circle. Both shows were pretty good. Hope you guys still hang around and make this wiki awesome!!!

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Minithepeanut Minithepeanut 10 May 2012

Article Clean-up

I know I promised about two months ago, that I would get around to writing episode summaries, and I was planning on this, but unfortunately I've been very busy lately, as well as my laptop previously having technical difficulties. Recently I've noticed a lot of character pages are very outdated, and have been neglected for a while, as well as episode and actor/actress pages.

Another thing I've noticed is the excessive categories on pages.

I feel as though we should remove categories such as Season 1 & Season One, and instead use one or the other.

If we could come to some sort of agreement on how we're going to sort out these pages, I think it would be very good, such as focusing on character pages until they are fixed, then episodes etc.


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AeJeen AeJeen 10 May 2012

Why volunteer

All of us realize that it’s nice to volunteer because we can impact others’ lives for the better, but did you know volunteering is also great for your own health? Volunteering has a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. For example, HealthyWomen.org states a research study “looked at more than 7,500 older United States residents and demonstrated that those who were frequent volunteers had a significantly lower death rate than non-volunteers-even after adjusting for wellness troubles.”

Volunteering for health

Choosing where to volunteer

Occasionally it’s just hard to know where to start. Well, think of something that interests you. Do you like animals? Animal shelters often need volunteers to help walk their dogs. Do you like he…

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Minithepeanut Minithepeanut 19 March 2012

Episode Summaries

Okay, since there seems to be no one updating the episode summaries, I decided I would volunteer to do it, just in the holidays in about three weeks and I'll get some full episode summaries up.

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SLODfandude SLODfandude 4 March 2012



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FilipinaSeddie FilipinaSeddie 21 February 2012



FilipinaSeddie 21:22, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 21 February 2012

Save Ringer

Join the Save Ringer Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Ringer/301518663243039

Help bring back RINGER for Season 2. Suggest the page to your friends, post on blogs, facebook pages and on other sites..

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Xificanthaveyou Xificanthaveyou 20 February 2012

When will Shivette be exposed?

Hey guys!

I was wondering today...when do you think Shivette will be exposed? This season? Next? The series finale? I personally have no idea! This show is so unpredictable to me!

I love these "twins switch places"-kinds of Tv series/films. Can anyone reccomend anything else to me, other than The Lying Game and The Parent Trap? :)

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Minithepeanut Minithepeanut 13 February 2012

Ringer Wiki Policies?

I don't know if this wiki has a policy page, but I thought it might be a good idea to get one on this wiki, so that users know what is and isn't appropriate and the admins all give equal punishments. Also, I think somethings should get a warning before a block, and different blocks for each warning

For example, you might have something like this

Of course, this is only a suggestion, but I think it will make it a lot fairer.

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Mbavfan86 Mbavfan86 9 February 2012


love ringer

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 9 February 2012

New Stuff

Well first off id like to say i am shocked how this wiki has really gotten awesome. When i created it i didnt expect it to be this awesome.

New Templates

Today i am adding 2 new templates

The first is the Top Article Winner Template. This is a new template that will be used for the top Winning articles. Each week a new article will be nominated. And the admins will vote on whether is deserves top winner.

Use| Template: Top Article

The second Template is the Quote Template. This will allow us to add a quote to the page.

Use| Template:Character Quote

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 2 February 2012

shows like Ringer

The only other show i can think of that is almost like Ringer is the lying game on ABC Family. Both shows have twins and a twist to it.

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 29 January 2012

New Message Wall

Today I added the Message Wall. Read the description below.

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CharmStarz CharmStarz 28 January 2012

As the hiatus ends...

Hello everyone! Whether you're old or new here, I'd like to say Welcome Back or Welcome! The hiatus has probably made some users here less active since there's not really any new stuff to add unless the sites that we consult have any new information about Ringer on them.

Now that Ringer is almost back (YAYY!), I hope that everyone will be back and see the new information that has been added. We have been given information on 2 new episodes, What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag? and It's Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved. Photos and Episode Descriptions have been added. You may go ahead and start predicting what's going to happen xD Sounds like these two are going to be really good! But that's just my opinion. I would love to hear yours on th…

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Minithepeanut Minithepeanut 26 January 2012

Ringer Returning to Australia?

Hey, so I'm a major fan of Ringer, and I've edited here a few times, but I was just wondering if anyone knows when Ringer's going to return to Australian TV. I read somewhere that it's going to be on the 31st, but it seems unlikely because then we'd be slightly less than a week behind the US.

Anyway, if any of you know this, can you please help? Thanks :)

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 24 January 2012

Coming Soon RINGER WIKI Forum

Soon I will be creating a Forum for the Wiki. It will be a place to hang out chat and become good friends.

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Scissor Luv208 Scissor Luv208 1 January 2012

Who's YOUR favourite character???

Hiya!!! Scissor_Luv208 is here!!! Like i said on my profile,i said that i am a HUGE fan of Ringer.And i want to know......"Who's YOUR favourite characters from the show?"I mean,lot's of people watch Ringer and they usually think "Hmm,i like every character on the show".

So,i am gonna show you all the characters of Ringer.

  • Juliet Martin
  • Siobhan Martin
  • Bridget Kelly
  • Andrew Martin
  • Gemma Butler
  • Charlie Young
  • Henry Butler
  • Catherine (Juliet's mom,Andrew's ex-wife
  • Bodaway Macawi
  • Other

That's all,peeps!!!To vote who's your fav character,type in your comments below.

Scissor_Luv208 00:26, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

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SuperRina SuperRina 3 December 2011

Question about terminology

Sorry, I really don't know where else to ask about this.

On the wiki, are we going to refer to bridget as "Shivette?" The first few summaries do not, then suddenly she's being called Shivette and Bridget by turns.

Personally, I think using 'Shivette' is unessecary given that the premise of the show is that Bridget is pretending to be her 'dead' twin sister, and we may as well refer to her by her actual name. But I wanna know what folks think before I start reviewing the plot summaries and changin' stuff.


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SkycoBat SkycoBat 30 November 2011

Amber Benson disappointment

Am I the only one saddened that they brought Amber Benson on for her to be dead and have about 3 minutes of screen time? What a let down, and lets discuss Gemma. They got our hopes up, letting her get out of Charlie's trunk, just to not be able to get away and shot. This angered me. What do you all think?

Skycommander00 15:18, November 30, 2011 (UTC)Skycommander00

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 17 November 2011

Ill be back

As the Admin and Founder of this Wiki I should be active. But I work every tuesday which makes me unable to be as active as i was. But as soon as RINGER goes into its break, I am going to catch up and then become more active. But I want to thank everyone who has kept the Wiki up to date.Without you this wiki would be a complete mess. Great Job!!!!

Sheckdiesel13 05:12, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

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CharmStarz CharmStarz 12 November 2011


"It's not about doing your best anymore..it's about doing better." 00:27, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

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SuperRina SuperRina 3 November 2011

Work on the Wiki

Hi there Ringer fans. :)

I'm very sorry I haven't been much help with the Wiki here lately. School is troublesome and doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon... When I get to winter break, I can spend a whole month going all Grammar Nazi on anything that needs it.

In the meantime, I've been seriously desperate to talk about the show with somebody. I'm a Castle fan, and we always have live chat going on Facebook during the show, but Ringer doesn't have anything like that... Any chance we could host some live discussion stuff here, if there's not something going on already? Let me know. ;)


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Imanie Imanie 22 October 2011

Where I find infos!

Just in case people were wondering where I came up with half the names an people I added to the site, the episode titles, and sometimes, the episode summaries!

Sometimes I will list the url someplace so it can stay there until it actually happens, more often than not... I just add them in, and I realize that it can be kind of weird or daunting not knowing where the information is coming from.

So, I'm making this so everyone can have an idea of where I'll be looking to get new information or where I'm already looking to get information for the show!

Now, I'm not saying you HAVE to use these sites or even use anything I've written here, it's all just to help everyone out :)

  • 1 Places for Info
    • 1.1 Trustworthy
    • 1.2 Take it with a grain of salt
  • 2 Gathering …

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CharmStarz CharmStarz 21 October 2011


  • 1 Just in case the 'Shivette' thing probably hasn't been properly explained. But if it has, this can just be for the people who have no clue who she is while reading the summaries, etc.
    • 1.1 Shivette is just a little nickname for Bridget as Siobhan. You'll see the term in summaries, and maybe other places, even though it's not the most formal terminology.
  • 2 But question for editors...
    • 2.1 When do we use 'Bridget' and when do we use 'Shivette' in the summaries?
    • 2.2 I mean, for me, I use 'Bridget' when she is talking to someone who knows that she's Bridget or if I'm talking about her thoughts, etc. But if she's talking to someone who thinks she's Siobhan, or if she has any thoughts as Siobhan (if that makes any sense... at all), I use the term 'Shivet…
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Kate.moon Kate.moon 21 October 2011

New Promotion for Ringer

In light of Ringer's renewal, the CW is doubling its efforts for Ringer promotions. For television's infamous November sweeps, the network released this hot new poster featuring Siobhan with her two men.

What do you think? Yay or nay?


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Imanie Imanie 13 October 2011

Random Fixing Ideas

This is just a general blog post full of random things.

  • 1 General Templates
    • 1.1 Episode
      • 1.1.1 Page
    • 1.2 Character
      • 1.2.1 Page
  • 2 Images
  • 3 Other

While going through and adding stuff, I thought... how come the templates don't add the categories in themselves?

Out of the Episode and Character templates, there is no way for anyone else but the administrators to change anything on them.

  • Episode template could add the Episode Category.
    • If we want it to get a little more complex, it could also add the season.

In the episode template, there are two links (Ringer(TV) and Ringer Episode Guide) that are red and don't have any pages linking to them.

For the moment, all the episodes are written in third person, present tense. I'm assuming that will also stay as tome goes on.


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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 13 October 2011

Become a Partner

Hey guys I know how a whole lot of fans create fan sites. I was wondering if any of you created a site or want to create one. We could then advertise your site on thr Ringer Wiki. Sound good?

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 12 October 2011

Ringer Receives Full Season Pickup

Great news! Ringer has been picked up by the CW for a full season! Ringer is the first drama and the first new CW series of Fall 2011 to be picked up following New Girl from FOX; 2 Broke Girls of CBS; Whitney and Up All Night of NBC.

Following Ringer are sister CW series Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie! Are you watching new fall series?

TV Fanatic

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CharmStarz CharmStarz 11 October 2011


I remembered a previous blog post that involved a broken chatbox and recently, it has worked for me. Has it officially started working or is it just looking like it's working?

"It's not about doing your best anymore..... it's about doing better.." 00:10, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 8 October 2011

Admin Recruitment

Ok Guys since this Wiki has become a hotspot im looking for a few new admins. Just fill out the following info. And i will select the best fit for the job.


When did you join the wiki?

Why should i pick you?

What times are you most available?

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 7 October 2011

Buffy Reunion on Ringer

Do you miss Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If it's Buffy aka Sarah Michelle Gellar who first attracted you to Ringer, you may want to stayed tuned for the tenth episode of Season 1 because there will be a mini-Buffy reunion on Ringer!

Amber Benson, who played the sweet witch soulmate to Willow, will show up as Mary Curtis, an informant and stripper to Agent Machado. Probably more informing than stripping...right?

The CW has been hard at work on recruiting Buffy alums for their current shows. On Oct. 21, Supernatural will be hosting Spike (James Marsters) and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) as a mismatched coupled.

What do you think, Ringer fans?

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Sheckdiesel13 Sheckdiesel13 7 October 2011

Where to find Summaries

So to be accurate we need to use sites that are correct. Ive seen that people are using innacurate websites to for full summaries. So we need to build a list of sites we feel are appriopraite to find info on Ringer. Also building our own Summaries is one of the best ways.

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CharmStarz CharmStarz 21 September 2011

Where to watch 'Ringer' online

Does anyone know a website (that's safe!) that shows 'Ringer' episodes, like the day after or so that it airs?... I went to the CW site and it only showed the pilot.. I'm not sure if it'll show more episodes. Thanks so much :)

Live Life! Laugh Lots! Love Forever! 22:51, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

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TCO101 TCO101 21 September 2011

Screwed Badge Ranking

Hi all,

I warned you I'd be using this 'blog' option a lot ;). But this is the thing: this is what it is says on my personal page (while I'm writing this blog):


SEP 16, 2011

But in the badges to earn list it says:


Make 100 edits on pages (50/100).

It's not like I really care about not getting a badge or anything but I'm just wondering if it's a bug or if something is actually going on...

Edit: Sorry I just found out the 78 was for ALL edits which also included my own page, non-info pages and everything ;).


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TCO101 TCO101 21 September 2011

Ringer Episode 2 - I Came, I Saw and I Enjoyed!

Hi all,

Well I just saw Ringer Episode two a few hours ago and I have to say, I'm inpressed. It really felt like I was watching the second part of an ENORMOUS movie and all the characters really alive. It just amazed me again how they put in the small 'twist'. Once again a REALLY entertaining episode and I'm looking forward to no 3. So... what did happen with the boddy?


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TCO101 TCO101 16 September 2011

Broken Chatbox

Hi All,

I just found out there is this lovely 'chatbox' thingy on the wiki but as it turns out it's not working (for me it isn't at least). Does anyone know what caused this problem and is it going to be fixed?


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TCO101 TCO101 16 September 2011

Ringer - What's not to like?

Hi everyone,

My name is Jimmy. I'll use this 'blog' as a small - why do I like Ringer - post. I have been a fan from SMG for some time - I've seen Cruel Intentions, The Scooby Doo Movies and The Grudge 1 - so when I heared of the big return I was hooked up right away.

Digging deeper into the 'secrets' I found out that Ioan Gruffudd (which I knew from the Fantastic Four), Zoey Deutch (which I knew from The Suite Life on Deck) and Gage Golightly (which I knew from the Troop) there was no way I'd be missing out on these series.

So I tuned in (sort off) to watch the first episode and I was like... wow! This is the amazing series I've been waiting for. I loved every single second of it!

And now... I want more!


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Kate.moon Kate.moon 12 September 2011

It's CW Premiere Week

It's CW's Premiere Week! The moment you've been waiting for (the return of SMG of course) has finally come. Along with Ringer, CW is kicking their 2011-2012 season off with 90210, The Vampire Diaries, America's Next Top Model AND Secret Circle this week!

TV Fanatic has some awesome pictures of the stars at the CW premiere event so be sure to check out crossover of shows galore!

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JoePlay JoePlay 2 September 2011

Ringer Scavenger Hunt

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 29 August 2011

Veronica Mars Alum Joins Ringer

Are you nostalgic for the time when UPN and WB were separate networks with great shows like Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well CW is offering you the chance to get the best of both worlds through Ringer!

The much buzzed about show is not only bringing Sarah Michelle Gellar back, but also Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars! SMG stars as both Bridget Martin and Siobhan Martin, the wealthy half of the two whose life might get taken over by disturbed Bridget. Confused yet?

Dohring will have a recurring role as Mr. Carpenter, a teacher at the school that Siobhan's stepdaughter attends.

Are you excited to see Jason Dohring join the cast of Ringer? Don't forget to mark your calendar for Ringer's premiere on September 13 at 9! And here's a …

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