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Andrew Martin
It Just Got Normal4.jpg
Name Andrew Martin
Status Alive
Hometown N/A
Profession Businessman
Portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd
Other Info
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared I'm The Good Twin

Andrew Martin is Siobhan's husband, who becomes suspicious of his wife's new behavior. Andrew's behavior towards Bridget (playing Siobhan) changes during the first two episodes, although it seems as though Andrew was not completely loyal to Siobhan.

He's also Juliet's father and a "friend" of Gemma and Henry.

Andrew is portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd.


Andrew is a wealthy British hedge fund manager with his partner Olivia Charles. He was married to a woman named Catherine (maiden name unknown), who is Juliet's mother. Toward the end of their marriage, Andrew had an affair with Siobhan. After Andrew and Catherine's divorce, Catherine moved to Miami. The affair, divorce, and Andrew's remarriage to Siobhan have strained both Catherine's and Andrew's relationships with their daughter.

Andrew and Siobhan's marriage was once sincere and loving, but as years went on it deteriorated. Now in their 5th year of marriage, they seemed near to divorce with much of the marriage being merely a "game" and an "act".

After crashing her car because of being drunk, Andrew cuts off Juliet's trust fund and sends her to a public school. There Juliet meets Mr. Carpenter, her History teacher, and with the help of Catherine and Tessa plot against Andrew to gain back her lost trust fund money. They stage a sexual assault and build up a fake case in hopes that Andrew will go with a settlement. He does and the money is split between the group, excluding Catherine.

In "P.S. You're an Idiot", Andrew re-proposes to Shivette and she accepts. Towards the end of the episode, Andrew reveals to Shivette, who at the time believed that Olivia Charles was running a ponzi scheme, that he was in fact the one who came up with the idea. Shivette, who is disgusted over Andrew's actions, decides to distant herself. Malcolm Ward, who introduces Shivette to the ponzi scheme, suggests that because Siobhan had earlier suspicions that Andrew might be the one who hired the hit on Siobhan. Bridget thinks that is a ridiculous accusation but after over hearing Olivia and Andrew talk about "taking care" of Tyler Barrett, the company "mole", her attitude slightly changes.

Furthermore, towards the end of "You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail", Shivette finds Tyler dead in his hotel room and tells Malcom that his suspicions of Andrew might very well be accurate. During the last seconds, Andrew is seen showing up at Malcom's hotel room.